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These are EPX Body advertising banners that you can use to market and advertise EPX Body to build your downline team. They're a combination of the banners provided by the company combined with various banners and images we've located online. A few of them we've used here at the team website and also for the team advertising we do for you. All are free for you to use for your own marketing and advertising campaigns.

Instead of plastering this page with images, we provided the image links. Hover over a link to view the banner or image and if you want to use that particular banner or image click the link and the image will open up in a new window. You can then link to it directly, or if you prefer you can save it to your hard drive (right mouse click, save) and then use it wherever you'd like - enjoy!

Note: The advertising columns to the right have absolutely nothing to do with your EPX banners below. Everytime a visitor visits this page and the ads show on this page, our team earns advertising credits which we then turn around to advertise and market this team site to the masses. Clicking on any of the ads does not earn the team any extra credits. You can ignore the ads and grab your EPX marketing banners below!

If you just surfed in... and you're doing research or looking for free EPX marketing materials that's no problem, it's not like we have a copyright on any of these banners especially the ones created by the company! Feel free to use any of the banners and images below for your individual marketing needs.

If you're just doing research on EPX Body and you don't want to market the EPX program all alone, then be sure to see what we do for our team members as far as our free URL rotator, free marketing, free advertising, free social media marketing, free offline advertising and more. We wish you the best in your research (we did the same before we joined) and if you decide you want to join the team that will actually help YOU build your team, then please visit again and join one of our current team members.

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Note: Many of those on our team have experienced so much success that they took second positions with us via their spouse or their business, yes, we are that good. If you'd like to take an additional position in EPX Body you can, but only if you use your spouse, family member SSN or your business Tax ID is used. You can't have two accounts using the same SSN is all. Using the same credit card for both accounts is perfectly fine. I know of many team members that have already done this to build a second income stream and it has worked well.

OK, enough of this chit chat... grab your free EPX Body banners and images, have fun!




Other EPX Body images, banners and graphics are also located at Google Picassa!
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